PdCom5 Process

class pdcom5.ListReply(vars, dicts)

Reply of Process.list().

directories = None

List of directories.

variables = None

List of Variables.

class pdcom5.BroadcastMessage(msg, attr, time, user)

Broadcast Message.

class pdcom5.Process(appname: str = '')

PdCom Process.


appname – Name of this application, default “”.

async activeMessages() → list[Message]

Get a list of active messages.

Active messages are messages which haven’t been resetted yet.

async broadcast(message: str, attr: str = 'text')

Send a broadcast message to all clients.

  • message – Message

  • attr – type of the message, default ‘text’


Close the connection.

async connect(url: str, ssl_ctx: Optional[ssl.SSLContext] = None)

Create a connection.

  • url – URL of the server, format msr[s]://user:password@server.port

  • ssl_ctx – Optional SSLContext instance for secure communication.

create_subscriber(transmission: pdcom5._PdComWrapper.Transmission) → pdcom5.Subscription.Subscriber

Create a Subscriber instance.

async find(path: str) → Optional[pdcom5.Variable.Variable]

Find a Variable.


None (if Variable not found) or Variable

async getClientStatistics() → list[PdComWrapper.ClientStatistics]

Get statistics about all connected clients.

async getMessage(id: int) → Optional[pdcom5._PdComWrapper.Message]

Get a specific message.


id – Number of the Message.

async getVariableValue(var: Union[pdcom5.Variable.Variable, str])

Get the current value of a variable.


var – Variable or its path.

async list(path: str = '') → pdcom5.Process.ListReply

List all Variables and directories.

property name

Name of the server application.

async ping(timeout: float = None)

ping the server.

async pollMessage() → pdcom5._PdComWrapper.Message

Wait for a new Event to happen/for a message to be sent.

async setVariableValue(var: Union[pdcom5.Variable.Variable, str], value)

Set a variable to a given value.

  • var – Variable or its path.

  • value – Desired value.

async subscribe(transmission: pdcom5._PdComWrapper.Transmission, variable: Union[str, pdcom5._PdComWrapper.Variable], selector: Optional[pdcom5._PdComWrapper.Selector] = None) → pdcom5.Subscription.Subscription

Subscribe to a Variable.

  • transmission – Transmission mode, can also be a float (=period in seconds) or timedelta instance.

  • variable – The Variable to subscribe to, or its path.

  • selector – Optional selector to create a view on multidimensional data.

property version

Version of the server application