PdQmlWidgets  2.0.0
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class  LiveSvg
class  ScalarVariant
 Scalar Variant to be used in QML applications which is aware of the process to detect connections/or reconnect. More...
class  ValueRing
 Time/Value ring buffer. More...
class  VectorVariant
 Vector Variant to be used in QML applications. More...


void Q_DECL_EXPORT setQmlImportPathToResourceFile (QQmlEngine &engine)
int Q_DECL_EXPORT registerScalarVariant ()
int Q_DECL_EXPORT registerVectorVariant ()
int Q_DECL_EXPORT registerLiveSvg ()
void Q_DECL_EXPORT registerQtPdComTypes ()


Q_DECL_EXPORT const char *const pdqmlwidgets_version_code
 Library version string as "major.minor.patch". More...
Q_DECL_EXPORT const char *const pdqmlwidgets_full_version
 Library version with four fields followed by the commit hash. More...

Function Documentation

◆ registerLiveSvg()

int Q_DECL_EXPORT PdQmlWidgets::registerLiveSvg ( )

◆ registerQtPdComTypes()

void Q_DECL_EXPORT PdQmlWidgets::registerQtPdComTypes ( )

◆ registerScalarVariant()

int Q_DECL_EXPORT PdQmlWidgets::registerScalarVariant ( )

◆ registerVectorVariant()

int Q_DECL_EXPORT PdQmlWidgets::registerVectorVariant ( )

◆ setQmlImportPathToResourceFile()

void Q_DECL_EXPORT PdQmlWidgets::setQmlImportPathToResourceFile ( QQmlEngine &  engine)

Variable Documentation

◆ pdqmlwidgets_full_version

Q_DECL_EXPORT const char* const PdQmlWidgets::pdqmlwidgets_full_version

Library version with four fields followed by the commit hash.

A trailing plus sign shows that uncommitted changes existed during the build. The hash is prefixed with a "g" to indicate that git is used as version control system.

Example: "".

◆ pdqmlwidgets_version_code

Q_DECL_EXPORT const char* const PdQmlWidgets::pdqmlwidgets_version_code

Library version string as "major.minor.patch".