PdCom  5.2
Process data communication client
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PdCom::MessageManagerBase Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 MessageManagerBase (MessageManagerBase &&) noexcept
 MessageManagerBase (MessageManagerBase const &)=delete
MessageManagerBaseoperator= (MessageManagerBase &&) noexcept
MessageManagerBaseoperator= (MessageManagerBase const &)=delete

Protected Member Functions

void getMessage (uint32_t seqNo) const
 Request specific message from history. More...
void activeMessages () const
 Request a list of all active messages. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ activeMessages()

void PdCom::MessageManagerBase::activeMessages ( ) const

Request a list of all active messages.

This will return a list of active process messages as well as the last message in activeMessagesReply() if its state is Reset.

◆ getMessage()

void PdCom::MessageManagerBase::getMessage ( uint32_t  seqNo) const

Request specific message from history.

The message is received in getMessageReply().

If the seqNo is not available, getMessageReply() is called with null path and requested seqNo.

seqNosequence number of message

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