PdCom  5.2
Process data communication client
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PdCom::Sasl Class Referenceabstract

SASL Interface for PdCom. More...

#include <Sasl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Sasl (Sasl const &)=delete
 Sasl (Sasl &&) noexcept
Sasloperator= (Sasl &&) noexcept
Sasloperator= (Sasl const &)=delete

Protected Member Functions

bool loginStep (const char *mech, const char *clientData)
 Perform SASL login step. More...
void logout ()
 Logout from server.

Detailed Description

SASL Interface for PdCom.

With the help of this interface, a SASL library can communicate with the server and perfom authentification.

The authentification class needs to be registered in the process with Process::setAuthManager().

Member Function Documentation

◆ loginStep()

bool PdCom::Sasl::loginStep ( const char *  mech,
const char *  clientData 

Perform SASL login step.

mechSASL mechanism
clientDataBase64 encoded SASL output data to server

Setting both mech and clientData to NULL will initate the login process.

Every call to login() is answered by a loginReply(), unless login is not supported. When login is mandatory, loginReply() will be called automatically.

false if login is not supported

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