QtPdCom  1.3.2
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class  AbstractScalarVariable
 Abstract Scalar Value. More...
class  BroadcastModel
 Model for capturing broadcast messages. More...
class  BroadcastModelPrivate
class  ClientStatisticsModel
struct  ClientStatisticsModelPrivate
struct  event_mode_tag
 Tag for event-based subscription. More...
class  ListWatcher
class  LoginManager
class  LoginManagerPrivate
class  Message
 Process message. More...
class  MessageListWatcher
class  MessageManager
class  MessageModel
 List of Messages. More...
class  MessageWatcher
class  Poll
struct  poll_mode_tag
 Tag for poll-based subscription. More...
class  Process
 PdCom::Process implementation for Qt. More...
class  ScalarSubscriber
 Subscriber of a single scalar value. More...
class  ScalarVariable
 Scalar Value Template. More...
class  TableColumn
 Table Column. More...
class  TableModel
 Table model. More...
class  Transmission
 Transmission mode for subscriptions. More...
struct  VariableList
class  VariableWatcher
 Convenience class for processing the result of Process::findQt() More...


typedef ScalarVariable< bool > BoolVariable
typedef ScalarVariable< int > IntVariable
typedef ScalarVariable< double > DoubleVariable
using MessageFuture = QFuture< PdCom::Message >
using MessageFutureInterface = QFutureInterface< PdCom::Message >
using MessageListFuture = QFuture< std::vector< PdCom::Message > >
using MessageListFutureInterface = QFutureInterface< std::vector< PdCom::Message > >


template<class Result , class Object , class Callback >
QFutureWatcher< Result > & createWatcher (Object *obj, Callback &&callback)
Q_DECL_EXPORT bool loadTranslation (QTranslator &translator, const QLocale &locale=QLocale{})
 Load a translation for the given locale. More...
bool seqNoLessThan (uint32_t a, uint32_t b)


constexpr struct QtPdCom::event_mode_tag event_mode
constexpr struct QtPdCom::poll_mode_tag poll_mode

Typedef Documentation

◆ BoolVariable

◆ DoubleVariable

◆ IntVariable

◆ MessageFuture

using QtPdCom::MessageFuture = typedef QFuture<PdCom::Message>

◆ MessageFutureInterface

using QtPdCom::MessageFutureInterface = typedef QFutureInterface<PdCom::Message>

◆ MessageListFuture

using QtPdCom::MessageListFuture = typedef QFuture<std::vector<PdCom::Message> >

◆ MessageListFutureInterface

using QtPdCom::MessageListFutureInterface = typedef QFutureInterface<std::vector<PdCom::Message> >

Function Documentation

◆ createWatcher()

template<class Result , class Object , class Callback >
QFutureWatcher<Result>& QtPdCom::createWatcher ( Object *  obj,
Callback &&  callback 

◆ loadTranslation()

Q_DECL_EXPORT bool QtPdCom::loadTranslation ( QTranslator &  translator,
const QLocale &  locale = QLocale{} 

Load a translation for the given locale.

Load a translation.

Calls QTranslator::load() to load the translation from the library resource file.

translatorTranslator used in application.

References loadRcc().

◆ seqNoLessThan()

bool QtPdCom::seqNoLessThan ( uint32_t  a,
uint32_t  b 

Variable Documentation

◆ event_mode

constexpr struct QtPdCom::event_mode_tag QtPdCom::event_mode

◆ poll_mode

constexpr struct QtPdCom::poll_mode_tag QtPdCom::poll_mode