PdCom  5.3
Process data communication client
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PdCom::SecureProcess Class Reference
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struct  EncryptionDetails

Public Member Functions

 SecureProcess (EncryptionDetails const &)
void asyncData ()
 calls Process::asyncData() until gnutls' buffers are empty.
bool handshake ()
 TLS Handshake. More...
void bye ()
 Close a TLS session.
- Public Member Functions inherited from PdCom::Process
 Process ()
 Process (Process &&)=delete
 Process (Process const &)=delete
Processoperator= (Process &&)=delete
Processoperator= (Process const &)=delete
std::string name () const
 Remote process name string.
std::string version () const
 Remote process version string.
void asyncData ()
 Library entry point for new data. More...
void callPendingCallbacks ()
 Call delayed callbacks. More...
void broadcast (const std::string &message, const std::string &attr="text")
 Send a broadcast message to the server and other clients. More...
std::vector< SubscriptionInfogetActiveSubscriptions () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void InitLibrary ()
 GnuTls global initialization. More...
static void FinalizeLibrary ()
 GnuTls global finalization.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from PdCom::Process
virtual ~Process ()
 Destructor. More...
void reset ()
 Reset communications and clean up internal buffers.
virtual std::string applicationName () const
 Name of application user application. More...
virtual std::string hostname () const
 Host name of remote server. More...
virtual int read (char *buf, int count)=0
 Read data from server. More...
virtual void write (const char *buf, size_t count)=0
 Write data to server. More...
virtual void connected ()=0
 Protocol initialization completed. More...
bool list (const std::string &path="")
 List a directory path. More...
virtual void listReply (std::vector< Variable > variables, std::vector< std::string > dirs)
 Reply to list() call. More...
bool find (const std::string &path)
 Find a variable with a corresponding path. More...
virtual void findReply (const Variable &variable)
 Reply to find() More...
void getClientStatistics ()
 Request client statistics from the server. More...
virtual void clientStatisticsReply (std::vector< ClientStatistics > statistics)
 Reply for getClientStatistics(). More...
void ping ()
 Ping server.
virtual void pingReply ()
 Ping reply. More...
virtual bool alive ()
 Test from process whether client is alive. More...
void setAuthManager (Sasl *)
 Register a SASL handler. More...
SaslgetAuthManager () const
 Get the current SASL handler. More...
void setMessageManager (MessageManagerBase *)
 Register a Message handler. More...
virtual void broadcastReply (const std::string &message, const std::string &attr, std::chrono::nanoseconds time_ns, const std::string &user)
 Recieve a broadcast message from other clients. More...

Detailed Description


Member Function Documentation

◆ handshake()

bool PdCom::SecureProcess::handshake ( )

TLS Handshake.

Start a TLS Session with the server. Call this until it returns true.

True if successful, false if another call is needed.
TlsErrorFatal Error occured.

◆ InitLibrary()

static void PdCom::SecureProcess::InitLibrary ( )

GnuTls global initialization.

Call this at startup of your application to prepare the underlying TLS library.

PdCom::ExceptionInitialization failed.

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